Short Film – Story Structure

While he is quite annoying, this guy is quite good at breaking down short film structure.

Although his examples aren’t often Horror movies the same rules generally apply.


Screenplay Structure – 3 Act

Useful video! Although he is discussing a feature script (that is a long movie!) the same rules apply to a short script. You just compress it down.

Many of his other videos are useful too.

Mr. T

THE TEN STEPS – A Film Treatment

Hey folks. Here is a very simple Horror movie (a bit dated yes), but one that is effective and would have been very easy to make.

Watch it and then read the treatment below. It will help you to write your own treatment once you have come up with your own idea.

Below is an example ‘treatment’ of the story. A treatment is basically a short outline of what happens in the film. Imagine the film written as a short story.

Read the treatment and use it as a basis to write your own. You should try and put as many details of the events in as possible.


Come up with a TITLE

A LOG LINE (a very brief synopsis of your story)

Finally write the treatment.